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Extractions in Southfield to Protect Your Oral Health

close up of smiling womanAt Aesthetic Dental, helping you protect and maintain optimal oral health is our highest priority. In certain situations, this may best be accomplished with extraction. Dr. Diane Hines and our team understand how your smile can impact your long-term comfort, confidence, and happiness. We do all we can to keep it healthy with gentle and skilled extractions and related services.

Our dentist uses advanced technology to evaluate your situation and verify if extraction is necessary. When tooth removal is called for, she takes time to determine the best course of action to maximize your comfort, treatment success, and healing. We proudly serve individuals and families across Southfield, West Bloomfield, Franklin, and Novi.

If you or a loved one are experiencing severe tooth pain, you may need an extraction. Dr. Diane Hines also offers emergency extraction after an accident or injury! Do not wait - contact Aesthetic Dental to schedule an exam today!


What is Extraction in Dentistry?

close up of  dental x-rayExtraction is the removal of a tooth or teeth from the jawbone. While this procedure can sound intimidating, it is straightforward and predictable. If our dentist recommends extraction, there is no need to worry or be frightened. Dr. Hines uses trusted techniques and technology to help maximize treatment safety and success.

Is Removing Teeth Necessary?

Our team does everything possible to help you keep your natural teeth. However, removal is sometimes the best option. While root canal treatment is highly effective, it cannot always save teeth. Extraction is the last resort for protecting surrounding teeth and your overall oral health.

When Do You Recommend Extraction?

Our team determines the need for extraction with two factors: the condition of your tooth and its impact on your oral health. The common reasons we recommend extraction include:

Impacted Teeth: One of the most common reasons for removal is impaction, often occurring with wisdom teeth. Teeth that do not emerge above the gum line can erupt at an angle and begin to push toward neighboring teeth. Extracting impacted teeth helps protect against pain, infection, crowding, and misalignment.

Tooth Decay: Sometimes, decay is so severe that treatment with a filling or crown will not work. In this case, extraction is best way to prevent decay from spreading further. Dr. Hines performs a thorough exam to determine whether root canal therapy is possible. If not, she will recommend removal.

Gum Disease: Severe periodontal disease can harm your gums, bone, and the ligaments that support your teeth. Advanced infection can cause loose teeth, which need to be removed before they make matters worse.

Emergencies: If you experience an injury or accident Dr. Hines does all she can to preserve your teeth with a crown or other restorative treatments. When your tooth or teeth are beyond repair, extraction may be the ideal option.

At Aesthetic Dental, our dentist performs extractions as a standalone service or in combination with other treatments. Dr. Hines offers extractions to make way for orthodontics or to prepare for dental implants. She can also perform bone grafting at the time of the extraction to give your implant treatment the best chance of success.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are known as third molars, often developing between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. They are typically seen as extra teeth because most of us only have room for twenty-eight teeth. Wisdom teeth make for a total of thirty-two, leaving most individuals with four additional molars.

Wisdom teeth erupt last and if there is not enough room, they can emerge incorrectly. Sometimes they erupt partially, grow in sideways, and even become trapped underneath gums and bone. This can often cause pain, discomfort, and other serious concerns.

Emergency Extractions

man with tooth painWhen an unexpected situation strikes, you need quick and effective treatment. At Aesthetic Dental, we provide this with emergency tooth removal. Our team offers same-day appointments whenever possible, and you can reach us after-hour through messaging. Dr. Hines will contact you right away and come in after hours if the situation is urgent.

Our dentist uses state-of-the-art technology for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Digital x-rays and scanners provide us with precise images of your teeth, gums, and jaws. These pictures are essential to help us understand your dental health. She discusses her findings and crafts a plan based on your current situation. With extraction from Dr. Hines, you can expect skilled removal and fast relief from pain.

Gentle Teeth Extractions in Southfield

At Aesthetic Dental, we know that your circumstances are unique. We always provide dental care with compassion and skill. Whatever your needs for extraction, Dr. Diane Hines and our team keep your safety and comfort in mind. We enjoy serving individuals and families throughout Southfield, West Bloomfield, Franklin, and Novi. Contact us to make an appointment today!