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Effective Orthodontics in Southfield, MI

Image of young African American man smilingOrthodontic care is all about straightening teeth and correcting bite issues to provide you with a healthier and more appealing smile. At Aesthetic Dental, Dr. Diane Hines offers various orthodontic options to help align your smile and promote improved oral health for life.

Our dentist combines comprehensive solutions with innovative technology to correct mild to moderate alignment issues. We use advanced digital imaging to craft custom plans personalized to you. Our team can even show you how your future smile will look! Whether you value affordability, shorter treatment times, or discreet results, we can provide you with a solution that best suits your needs.

We proudly deliver orthodontic care to responsible teens and adults throughout the Southfield, West Bloomfield, Franklin, and Novi, MI, communities. Contact Aesthetic Dental to schedule your personalized consultation today!


Available Orthodontic Options from Dr. Diane Hines

Our Southfield, MI, dentist and her team proudly provide various orthodontic methods to meet your needs. Choosing the one for you will require planning, and we are here every step of the way to help you make an informed choice.

Image of African American woman holding clear bracesOur dentist can provide orthodontics as a single service or in combination with other treatments for a smile makeover. We can also straighten your smile to prepare for future treatments, such as implants or veneers.

Our available options include:

  • Invisalign®
  • Clear Aligners
  • FastBraces®

Dr. Hines begins with a detailed consultation and exam to understand your dental health situation. She takes time to plan your treatment precisely so your care is as effective as possible.

Why is Orthodontics Important?

A straighter smile can do so much more for you than improve natural aesthetics. Teeth in their proper positions make daily brushing and flossing more effective. Dental plaque, bacteria, and food debris are easier to remove, which reduces your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

Correctly aligned teeth make speaking, biting, and chewing easier. Uneven wear due to a crooked bite can lead to jaw pain, headaches, and damaged teeth. When your teeth and jaws are in the ideal positions you can avoid discomfort and complications that could impact your long-term oral health.

What Issues Can Orthodontic Treatment Correct?

Professional orthodontic systems are designed to treat a large variety of simple to more complex alignment issues. Some of the issues our team can address include:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Unwanted gaps
  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic system that offers a reliable alternative to traditional metal braces. It consists of a series of removable trays made from smooth, clear plastic, making them appear almost invisible. Each tray is designed specifically for your smile to ensure a comfortable fit. They are replaced every two weeks as your teeth become straighter.

How Does it Work?

With Invisalign, there are no metal brackets, wires, or rubber bands required. Instead, this system uses gentle, pin-pointed pressure to straighten your teeth and bite into ideal positions. To ensure successful treatment results and avoid orthodontic relapse, wear your trays for 22 hours daily.

Clear Aligners

Image of close up of woman putting on clear bracesAt Aesthetic Dental, we provide clear aesthetic aligners as another way to straighten your smile comfortability and discreetly. Our aligner system pairs translucent orthodontic trays and innovative technology to correct misalignment and bite issues efficiently.

Following a detailed consultation, exam, and a series of x-rays, our dentist takes digital impressions using scanner technology. These impressions are sent to a private and trusted lab where they are fabricated to match your unique needs. Dr. Hines works closely with you every step of the way, making sure to create an effective and budget-friendly treatment.

Who Can Get Clear Aligners?

We recommend clear aligners to adults and responsible teens who are more likely to comply with treatment guidelines. You wear your aligners for 22 hours a day. Clear aligners can successfully correct mild to moderate misalignment concerns when worn and cared for properly.

7 Benefits You Can Expect with Invisalign & Clear Aligners

With innovative technology, we can make treatment with our transparent aligner systems more straightforward and predictable. Additionally, Dr. Hines can show you what your smile will look like before you begin treatment! Invisalign and clear aligners often provide similar advantages. The most common seven benefits include:

  1. Enhanced aesthetics
  2. Safe & comfortable treatment
  3. Fast results
  4. No changes in your diet
  5. Easy oral hygiene
  6. Improved dental alignment
  7. Improved oral health

What are FastBraces?

Image of African American woman with braces smilingMany adults and teens require orthodontic treatment but do not want to wait years to achieve results. Thanks to advances in dental technology, braces don't have to be a long process!

Our FastBraces system uses patented techniques to achieve quick and noticeable results that improve dental health and appearance. If you are looking to align your smile effectively, this option can help you attain a straighter smile faster than traditional braces.

How Do FastBraces Work?

Typically, braces treatment follows a two-step process. The first including moving the tops of teeth into position, and the second involving shifting the roots to make sure these results are permanent.

The FastBraces system allows Dr. Hines to achieve this in a swift, fluid process using an innovative square-like wire that moves the whole tooth at once. This approach helps our dentist provide efficient and effective treatment in a shorter amount of time.

Align Your Smile for Life, Today!

Whether you are looking into treatment for yourself or your teen, our modern take on orthodontic options at Aesthetic Dental can help! Dr. Diane Hines uses skill, innovative technology, and her personable approach to provide care that keeps your health and happiness in mind.

Are you ready to enjoy a straighter and healthier smile? Contact our Southfield office to schedule your orthodontic consultation today! We proudly offer treatment throughout West Bloomfield, Franklin, and Novi, MI.


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