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Custom Dental Appliances in Southfield

man with mouth guard visiting Southfield dentistAt Aesthetic Dental, we have extensive experience improving the health and function of your smile with dental appliances. With the rapid advances in modern dentistry, you can now receive a dental appliance solution tailored to your lifestyle and individual health needs. Whether you are at a higher risk of impact trauma or you're grinding your teeth in your sleep, we offer dental appliances that can help keep your smile healthy for years to come!

Our in-house lab technician can create comfortable, custom-fit night guards, sports guards, snore guards, and sleep apnea appliances. We will determine what type of dental appliance you need and guide you through every stage of the treatment process. If you're looking for dental appliances in Southfield, speak with our friendly staff to schedule an appointment today.


What Are Dental Appliances?

Dental appliances are devices that address various bite issues and protect teeth during sleep and sports activities. They are either removable or fixed to the teeth for a predetermined period of time. At Aesthetic Dental, we offer numerous types of dental appliances depending on your unique oral health needs.

Night Guards for TMD & Bruxism

You can manage conditions like bruxism and TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) with the help of dental appliances like night guards. Bruxism refers to the involuntary grinding of the teeth, typically during sleep. TMD is a condition of the facial muscles and nerves that often causes painful symptoms. Individuals with TMD may clench their jaws during sleep, a problem that can contribute to jaw joint misalignment. 

To prevent ongoing damage to your teeth from bruxism or TMD, we recommend wearing nightguards. These dental appliances offer several benefits, such as:

  • Preventing further enamel loss from grinding teeth
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Reducing the likelihood of needing cosmetic repairs to teeth
  • Stopping jaw alignment issues from getting worse
  • Alleviating jaw pain and headaches

Protect Your Smile with Sports Guards

female karate fighter using sports guardThe purpose of sports guards is to protect your teeth when engaging in activities like football, skateboarding, or hockey. A sports guard will stop the upper teeth from directly contacting the lower teeth when a fall or collision occurs. Sports guards are also effective at preventing damage caused by impact

Although standard sports guards are available at retail stores, Dr. Hines recommends a custom sports guard created from a mold of your teeth. Custom mouthguards fit closely to the contours of teeth, making them more secure than boil and bite alternatives. Athletes often prefer custom mouth guards because they make breathing easier during intensive activities.

Snore Guards & Sleep Apnea Appliances

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes breathing disruption during the night, preventing you from enjoying a restful night's sleep. Some of the factors contributing to sleep apnea include improper jaw alignment or the relaxation of throat muscles during sleep. We recommend visiting our office for sleep apnea as soon as symptoms arise. We work with you and your medical doctor to find the right solution for you.

Snoring and sleep apnea often go together, and a customized dental appliance from our Southfield team can help you get the good night's rest you deserve. Our team offers several different devices to address snoring and breathing issues during sleep:

Snore Guards: A snore guard is a generic term for several dental appliances that keep air passages open during sleep. Since snoring is a symptom of an underlying breathing problem, snore guards work to adjust the jaw into a position more conducive to uninterrupted sleep. Snore guards are made from durable, comfortable plastic, and there are many different models available on the market.

Tongue Retaining Devices: This type of dental appliance prevents the tongue from obstructing the airway during sleep. Tongue retaining devices (or tongue stabilizing devices) are an effective alternative to CPAP devices. Tongue retaining devices adjust the placement of the tongue into a slightly forward position throughout the night, ultimately stopping it from falling back toward the throat.

Mandibular Advancement Devices: This type of snore guard gently pushes the lower jaw forward during sleep to ensure airways remain open throughout the night. When alignment issues such as an overbite are the primary cause of sleep apnea, a mandibular advancement device can help resolve the problem. These appliances have an upper and lower mouthpiece connected by an elastic strap or band of plastic.

Protect Your Smile & Oral Health with Dental Appliances in Southfield

At Aesthetic Dental, your comfort is our priority. Dr. Hines works with you on an individual basis and offers solutions for your unique condition. We get to know you, examine your medical and dental history, explore all your symptoms, and find an ideal treatment option. We can help you eliminate snoring and halted breathing while you sleep.

Our team is happy to answer all your questions about Southfield dental appliance options and will address any concerns you have along the way. Our office is designed to give you the most comfortable and relaxing experience possible. Come in and see how our services and advanced technology can help you sleep better and live better. Call us today!